Sampson the Longhorn
2000 Pounds of Performing, Marketing

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An incredible performing animal.

Sampson is gentle, fun, and loves to show off. He's a real attention-getter who enjoys performing and meeting new people in any place.

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Commercials, Promotions, Anything.

Sampson has performed in commercials and ads for years, and is a real attention-getter in any advertisement. He's bold and stately, and a great actor.

Gentle and kind.

Sampson loves photo-ops, and is a gentle, kind soul. He's awesome with kids and families and loves to be ridden.

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Sampson's Life

Sampson the longhorn is one of the coolest animals in the west. He has a great background, and has been all over the Southwest.

  • signpost in cool, texas with population and town name

    October 2009

    Born in Cool, Texes

    Sampson was born in Cool, Texas, a small town West of Fort Worth. He was raised from pure Texas Longhorn stock on a Longhorn farm by J.D. Moody in the rolling hills of central Texas.

  • a horse trailer ready to load Sampson the Longhorn

    May 2010

    Moving to New Mexico.

    Sampson came to New Mexico when he was young to learn his trade. Here in the Desert Southwest, he was trained to be the gentle animal he is today. He was gentled and hand-fed, getting petted and scratched every day as he grew up with his family.

  • December 2012

    The Trainers.

    He was trained by Cowboy Doc and Izzy Ordonez. Doc is an old-fashioned cowboy and western re-enactment actor, and Izzy has been working ranches for years. They raised him under the blue southwestern skies to be gentle, kind, and love to have his picture taken.

  • 2013-2015

    Working in the Southwest.

    After he was trained, Sampson started working throughout the Southwest. He has been in commercials, at grand openings, and in parades throughout the area.

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